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Hello beautiful people! Hope you’re doing well and enjoying lifeā™„

Today I want to talk on something we’ve all been through , atleast once in our lifetime. ‘Losing someone you were close to’. It happened with me too. I also thought that it would last forever like everyone does. But it didn’t. I was 14 when I met him and we were the best of friends. Now am 18 and everything has changed. When I used to see people writing blogs one thing which tickled me was that how can someone be so clear with what they feel but now I understand what made them share their feeelings. It was their unspoken souls speaking in silence. When someone special leaves our life something from that person is left with us. If nothing the memories we had with them constantly battle with our heart. That feeling is inevitable. But you my girls , please don’t look back. It was all their loss to lose someone like you. You are gold. You are one of a kind and you don’t need a shoulder to grief upon. You yourself are enough for everything. Missing them is not bad. But affecting your life in their absence is something which is not good. So just stop thinking about everything related to him. Walk around , talk to people , listen to some music and keep yourself busy with what you love , what you like to do. And always remember that what’s yours will come back and what’s not will never do no matter how much you try.


|Pain and recovery|

I know they’ve made you feel broken and left you in a mess. I know that you are disturbed , tired of everything. I know that you at this moment are not happy. I know it all. I can feel you. That feeling of your ‘special one’ not being there with you anymore is terrible. But… don’t you think that sometimes we feel pain to wake up from something which was already creating a hole in our life? Yes! Maybe if it lasted longer it would’ve destroyed you more. Getting out of it would’ve been much more difficult. I mean like when we get injured because of our  carelessness that puff of detol is very irritating and painful but what about the feeling after? The feeling of healing. The feeling of getting recovered. Yes my dear pain is not permanent. This feeling is not going to last forever. It may take some time but you will come out of it and the best part is that this time you’ll be more stronger. Sometimes in life what happens to us is something we are sure would never happen but it know why? To make you understand the meaning of pain. The more you get injured , more will you be carefull for the next time. So stand up wipe it all and take a deep breath because everything will be alright and trust me , that too very soon..

Lots of love,